Whitewash Laminate Flooring

8.3mm V-Groove Whitewash Laminate Flooring Costs:

$1.99 Per Sq/Ft Fully Installed
79¢ Per Sq/Ft Cash and Carry
•  25.89 sq/ft per box
•  42.99 lbs per box
  60 boxes per pallet
  1553.4 sq/ft per pallet

Whitewash a Fresh Look

Whitewash laminate flooring is a fresh fun look that adds a lightness to the room that brightens any atmosphere. The white color focus allows you to decorate rooms with black and white furniture easily. This makes it a dream if you have a lot of swanky modern furniture. Whitewash laminate flooring is beautiful in many other design motifs, whether you are going for a bohemian design or a modern approach.

Stronger Laminate

When looking to do some remodeling and faced with a floor which needs to be replaced, and great, affordable option is to install new laminate in lieu of other surfaces. Laminate wood floors are harder and more durable than wood flooring and can withstand heavier traffic over time without showing the wear and tear that wood floors might. US Wood Flooring Laminate floors come with a dependable 25-year warranty.

Deep Selection

In addition, the variety in which laminate floors are currently designed continues to grow on a regular basis, and although the majority of styles look like actual hardwood flooring, the spectrum of design is starting to branch out into other designs such as tile, metal, or cork flooring. No matter the décor of the room, there is a laminate flooring out there to match just about any style.


Furthermore, when comparing material costs with hardwoods and tiles, laminate flooring is the cheapest of the three. Solid laminate flooring will cost less initially, allowing one to cover more floor space while keeping the budget in check.

Simple Setup

Probably one of the best selling points of installing this laminate flooring is the ease in which it can be installed. Most laminates today have a tongue and groove locking system which simply locks the flooring in place, and prevents it from moving around. On top of that the materials needed to install the flooring are rather limited as well. With a tap block, a hammer, knee pads and a compound miter saw, one can make short work of a laminate installation job. Make sure you look up laminate flooring’s simple maintenance procedures.

Decide on Whitewash Wood Flooring

Overall, there are a number of great benefits to installing Whitewash Laminate flooring in just about any room in the house. Its strength and durability partnered with its overall aesthetic appeal will greatly improve the look and flow of the room in which it is installed. In addition to having a great looking, new floor in place, the overall cost savings one will realize with installing a laminate floor will make it the obvious choice for any home remodel, especially a home remodel on a budget.

Whitewash Laminate Flooring Video

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