Southern Oak Laminate Flooring

8.3mm V-Groove Southern Oak Laminate Flooring Cost:

$1.99 Per Sq/Ft Fully Installed
79¢ Per Sq/Ft Cash and Carry
  25.89 sq/ft per box
42.99 lbs per box
  60 boxes per pallet
1553.4 sq/ft per pallet

Southern Oak Laminate Flooring Description

Southern Oak laminate flooring is a tasteful, understated pattern with a classical appearance that accompanies traditional and modern styles. Our Southern Oak is a beautiful floor that allows your rooms to have a bright, aerie atmosphere. This light complexioned laminate wood flooring is also guaranteed to last, with a twenty-five year manufacturers warranty.
At US Wood Flooring we pride ourselves in our ability to produce quality, long lasting new laminate flooring. We have far surpassed the efforts of our competitors by meticulously testing the fortitude, and dependability of our different laminate styles in order to provide our customers with the highest quality product available. Laminate is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst top home and office renovators on a tight budget. Subsequently, innovative technology in the flooring industry has provided manufacturers with the ability to produce laminates to match just about any variety of flooring. With the ability to produce laminates that match tile, metal and cork flooring the industry is constantly expanding, learning new ways to make cost effective flooring universal. Laminate is still able to provide the true look and feel of these styles, yet able to keep the lowest premium amongst its competitors.
After thorough research of today’s market, laminate flooring is the most cost effective flooring style presently available. Solid laminate flooring will cover the most space, and provide the highest quality product while keeping your budget in check.

Southern Oak Laminate Flooring Installation

One of the greatest benefits of our Southern Oak laminate flooring is the ease in which it can be installed. Our laminates of today contain a “V-groove” locking system in which two laminate planks can easily join together for a seamless fit. This technology is not only wonderful for installation, yet it allows the floor to sit flat, locked into place and even all around. With only minimal tools required, we can be sure to make quick work of any install. Using tools such as: tape for the underlayment , knee pads, a tap block, and a compound miter saw you can rest assured that we will have your floors ready for use as soon as possible.
Laminate wood flooring is a superior flooring choice because it is affordable, easy to install and is simple to maintain. A damp Cloth is all you require to clean laminate floors. Answer any other questions you may have on our do’s and don’ts page.
On a daily bases customers are faced with many difficult decisions. Why make choosing the right type of laminate difficult? Installing new laminate flooring has many benefits, making it the right choice for just about any room in your home or office. Providing strength, durability, along with a wonderful price point are some of the many outstanding benefits laminate flooring holds above its competitors making it the obvious choice for any home or office remodel.

Southern Oak Laminate Flooring Video

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