Natural Bamboo Laminate Flooring

8.3mm V-Groove Natural Bamboo Laminate Flooring Cost:

$1.99 Per Sq/Ft Fully Installed
79¢ Per Sq/Ft Cash and Carry
25.89 sq/ft per box
42.99 lbs per box
  60 boxes per pallet
  1553.4 sq/ft per pallet

Natural Bamboo Laminate Description

The great benefits of our Natural Bamboo laminate flooring makes choosing a replacement floor quick and easy. With wonderful and affordable options, laminate flooring is quickly becoming the best choice for flooring in any home or office remodeling. Our new-patented laminate flooring technology has proven more durable, and withstands heavier traffic over time without displaying the average wear and tear wood floors might. US Wood Flooring Laminate guarantees customer satisfaction by providing a dependable 25-year warranty  
The variety of Laminate flooring options is constantly growing, and expanding. The variety of styles ranges from hardwood, to other styles such as tile, metal, or cork flooring. Providing every customer with the opportunity to find a flooring style which best suites their needs. Stop by our showroom to visit our gallery and find which laminate flooring option is best for you!
Laminate flooring has easily become the most affordable flooring option in comparison to hardwoods, and tiles. With Laminate Floorings low cost, it will allow our entire customer base to receive the most bang for their buck by covering more space for less money.

Natural Bamboo Laminate Installation

Our flooring options stand apart from the competition due to our “V-Groove” installation technology. Laminates in today’s market have a tongue and groove locking system that allows the flooring to be locked in place, preventing it from moving and sliding around. In addition, the tools required for floor installation remain quite minimal. Requiring only a tap block, a hammer, knee pads, and a compound miter saw anyone can make quick work of installing these laminate floors. Whether you are a season flooring expert or the DIY master hoping to sharpen your skills, laminate flooring installation is easy all across the board. The simplicity in installation is only the beginning, be sure to check out our simple maintenance procedures for more information.
In conclusion, installing laminate flooring has many benefits in comparison to other flooring options. Its’ amazing reliability partnered with its overall aesthetic appeal improve the feel and flow of any home or office. In addition to having a beautiful new floor in place, the ability to stay within your budget makes laminate flooring the best choice amongst others. Whether you are focusing on a home remodel, or an office installation, laminate flooring allows for a high-class quality feel, without the necessity for over expanding your budget.

Natural Bamboo Laminate Flooring Video

Natural Bamboo Laminate Wood Flooring Miami

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