Dark Chocolate Laminate Flooring

8.3mm V-Groove Dark Chocolate Laminate Flooring Cost:

$1.99 Per Sq/Ft Fully Installed
79¢ Per Sq/Ft Cash and Carry
  25.89 sq/ft per box
  42.99 lbs per box
  60 boxes per pallet
  1553.4 sq/ft per pallet

Chocolate Laminate Description

Here at US Wood Flooring we take pride in our ability to introduce new, and long lasting premiere products. One of our most recent innovations being our dark chocolate laminate flooring. The dark chocolate flooring is unique in that it is one of the increasingly popular choices amongst modern home or office renovators of today. Leave a long lasting tasteful impression amongst clients, guests, and colleagues alike with this magnificent dark chocolate flooring option.

Many people go for a middle of the road approach, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want your home to look special, get Dark Chocolate. This laminate wood flooring is an dramatic canvas for you to furnish your house with. If you like to stand out and make others jealous this may be the color for you. Dark Chocolate laminate wood flooring Miami was created to be the ultimate architectural jazz for your home.

Our Dark Chocolate laminate flooring comes with our 25 year warranty and will stay beautiful for decades. Our materials are engineered to last and are easy to maintain. You don’t have to bother with all of the hassle of wood cleaners. Cleaning laminate wood flooring is simple and easy, check out our maintenance guide if you are curious about the details.

Chocolate Laminate Flooring Installation

Many wood floors require staples, glue, heavy lifting, and several other undesirable methods for installation. Laminate flooring is simply laid on top of an underlayment and is quietly supportive of your every step without ever stabbing you with a staple or choking you with noxious fumes. It’s a simple, elegant procedure where we just “click” boards together and your floor looks beautiful for years and years.

Feel free to use the form and ask for a free estimate and find out how affordable it is to have the floor of your dreams today. We will gladly drive out to your home or business and give you a free in-house estimate. You are also welcome to visit our galleries located in Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach so you can see Dark Chocolate in person.

Dark Chocolate Laminate Flooring Video

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