Black Rosewood Laminate Flooring

8.3mm V-Groove Black Rosewood Laminate Flooring Cost:

$1.99 Per Sq/Ft Fully Installed
79¢ Per Sq/Ft Cash and Carry
  28.52 sq/ft per box
47.40 lbs per box
  48 boxes per pallet
  1368.96 sq/ft per pallet
Get excited about our Black Rosewood in it’s sturdier 12.3mm stock!

Black Rosewood Laminate Description

At US Wood Flooring, we are mastering the artistry of transforming beautiful nature into wonderful architectural pieces available for home use. Black rosewood combines natural beauty with interior elegance to the finest degree. We are truly dedicated to bringing you the upmost variety, providing our customers with a wide range of shades of this natural print. Versatility is another truly unique and key feature of this piece, with such a wide range of complimentary colors, Black Rosewood sets itself apart with its elegance and timelessness. We saw the need for Black Rosewood because every homeowner wants to add a sense of luxury to their rooms. We look forward to you seeing Black Rosewood for yourself at our galleries in Delray Beach and Fort Lauderdale.
Looking to have some remodeling done in your home or office? Are you faced with a floor that needs to be replaced? Have no fear; your new affordable alternative is here! Introducing the Black Rosewood laminate flooring, this highly affordable and quality assured product is part of our 8.3mm V-groove line helping to provide any home or office renovation with an all new feel. Laminate flooring is an ever-expanding market, allowing the innovation and design to truly continue to flourish. With production of new designs and products we are guaranteed to continue introducing new products into the market. Installing new laminate is becoming a wonderful alternative to todays common flooring options, not only to wood flooring, but to tile, metal, and cork flooring as well. With our wide variety of laminate flooring options, you are assured to find a suitable laminate flooring option for your home or office renovation desires. In comparison to other flooring options in todays market, our products are much more cost effective, allowing our customers to provide themselves with a whole new look or feel, without having to adjust your budget.

Black Rosewood Laminate Installation

In today’s day in age simplicity is the true key to quick installations. With our V-groove technology, we have simplified the laminate flooring installation process to the highest extent. Our v-groove technology allows your new laminate floors to be locked into place, preventing the floor from moving around. With your average DIYer in mind, we have also simplified the amount of tools necessary for any installation. All that is needed is a: tapping block , a hammer, tape for the underlayment, kneepads, and a compound miter saw. With simplicity in mind, you can rest assured knowing one can make a laminate installation job short, and convenient.
Overall, laminate flooring is a highly flexible option for any home or office renovation. Its proven strength and durability make it stand out in comparison to its competitors, along with an unforgettable aesthetic appeal. In addition to having a great looking, new floor in place, our premiere products offer the beauty and elegance of true wood flooring at an unbeatable price. When you purchase laminate flooring with US Wood Flooring you don’t have to worry, because your new floor comes with a 25 year warranty .

Black Rosewood Laminate Flooring Video

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